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The strength of independence
Thanks to the efforts of our PARTNERS, in-depth analysis allows us to offer a wide range of the most complete, transparent and innovative solutions on the international market. The range of products includes:
Unit-Linked Policies
Unit-linked policies are life insurance policies characterised by their high financial content. They are a logical combination of an investment fund and a life insurance policy.

Customer capital is invested in open-end investment companies and quoted in investment UNITS which are LINKED to specific funds.

They are different from traditional policies because they allow the customer to define the underlying type of investment by choosing from a vast range of open-end investment companies differentiated by the type of investment, from the conservative to the aggressive, and the geographic area: from European bond or share markets to those of the USA, Canada, the Far east or emerging countries. The investment can also be modified over time.

In effect the customer can, even with modest means, create a personal investment plan protected by an insurance policy to at least guarantee the initial capital in the event of losses.

Performance can be followed in the main Italian daily newspapers. The investment is not subject to distrait, sequestration or inheritance tax and is tax-deductible.
Index-Linked Policies
Index-linked policies were introduced to the Italian market in 1995 and immediately met with great success thanks to their innovative characteristics.

They are life savings policies acquired on the basis of a specific time period. The main feature is that debentures are included in the separate management funds. The debentures are linked to the world's stock markets or a portfolio of shares.

In the face of modest insurance content, usually limited to the restitution of capital in the event of early realisation, the product is distinguished by the financial aspect.

The most widely used options are known as "best of". At maturity the investor is entitled to the "best" return between the percentage growth of the reference indices and a minimum guaranteed yield. Each issue is unique!
Health and Accident policies
These are highly specialised products capable of covering all customer needs to include any unforeseen event that may occur, from large-scale surgical operations to the smallest of daily accidents that may require medical treatment.
This range of services has been designed to offer the best personal pension solutions to cover all stages of the life-cycle. Products include savings and diversification plans, life-assurance, personal pension and inheritance plans, and protection for loans. The available products are characterised by their transparency, yield, convenience, flexibility and price/performance equilibrium.

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