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AIG Foundation Investment American International Group Inc. (AIG), established in 1919, is the American company world leader in insurance and financial security and is, in the United States, the # 1 supplier of commercial and industrial insurance services. The companies comprising the Group, which employs over 81,000 staff, offer a wide range of commercial and personal products through various distribution channels in over 130 countries to 40 million clients. AIG has been present in Italy since 1950 in the field of damage insurance and is now also operating in the life sector. AIG boasts the maximum evaluations of all the main rating agencies and is one of the most innovative companies worldwide. Its excellent position allows it to profit by the opportunities offered by the global market in the interest of its clients. AIG’s global business offers a wide variety of financial services including asset management, real estate investment and pension investment management. American International Group stocks are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and also on the London, Paris, Zurich and Tokyo Stock Exchanges.

AIG Foundation Investment website

Austria Assicurazioni S.p.A. Austria Assicurazioni S.p.A. is one of the top 30 insurance companies in Europe. It is part of the Austrian firm, UNIQA which was listed on the Stock Exchange from 8 November 1999. It is the leading insurance company in Austria with 22% of the national market. UNIQA was born as a result of the merger between 4 large companies controlled by Austria Assicurazioni of Vienna. The firm specialises in life and health insurance. Indeed the company holds 55% of the latter market: an overall total of 7 million people have underwritten 4 million policies. The group has been operating in Italy for 36 years and has concentrated on health insurance, where it has made a reputation for reliability, specialisation and excellent customer care.

Gruppo Cardif Cardif is part of the BNP - PARIBAS Group, the leading French banking group. The group is also a world leader OPERATING in 83 different countries. The group owes its fame to continuous insurance and financial innovation, and its efficient and widespread international network. The experienced gained over many years in investment banking, investment management and private financial services has led to a total of 4 million policy holders and an investment fund of ITL. 28,000 billion. Cardif Assicurazioni has been present in Italy since 1989 and operates in the areas of life insurance, pension funds and finance protection. The success of the group is linked to continuous insurance innovation supported by reliable know-how handed down from the parent company.

Cardif Group website

Clerical Medical Investment Group Clerical Medical Investment Group was set up in 1824 in London to respond to the needs of doctors and clerics. From 1856 the company headquarters have been situated in Lichfield House, St. James Square. Policy holders have included some very famous people. The life of Queen Victoria was insured for a first time in 1834 and again in 1897 on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee. Prince Albert, her consort, was insured by Clerical Medical, as was the Queen's favourite Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli. Throughout its 170 years of existence, despite the outbreak of wars and the collapse of financial markets, Clerical Medical has always distributed dividends to its customers. This traditional stability has meant that since 1824, the company has only had 11 managing directors. In 1987 Clerical Medical became part of the Halifax Group, one of the main suppliers of financial services in Europe and the world's thirteenth largest bank.

Clerical Medical Investment Group Website

Claris Vita Claris Vita is a new and dynamic insurance company specialized in life insurance and investment funds with over 1000 offices in Italy. Claris Vita's clients can rely on a professional and personalized service offered by a team of highly qualified consultants in the insurance field. Claris Vita has a wide range of insurance policies and solutions aimed at the private market, offering effective solutions to a wide range of insurance and investment needs, and the business market, where it offers a vast range of solutions which include; integrated insurance solutions, end of contract solutions for both employee and management staff, and "group" policies amongst others. Claris Vita is part of the Gruppo Veneta Bank, a credit organization with a strong growth trend, able to offer its clients financial security and stability. Gruppo Veneta Bank has been present in Italy since 1877 and currently has a net value of 1.000 billion lire and 13.900 partners. It currently holds second position for the year 2000 in the Retail-Trade sector of the "Investment and Banking Group" classification.

Claris Vita Website

Commercial Union Vita S.p.A COMMERCIAL UNION VITA belongs to the international financial and insurance group CGU, of which COMMERCIAL UNION PLC is a part. The origins of COMMERCIAL UNION PLC can be traced to 1861 in England. CGU operates in more than 60 countries, has 52,000 employees, a turnover of ITL. 54,000 billion and group assets worth ITL. 318,000 billion. In 1989 Commercial Union Vita S.p.A. became the first British company to enter the Italian life insurance market. In 1996 Commercial Union Vita became the first Italian company to introduce the UNIT LINKED policy to the Italian market. This is a type of financial insurance policy linked to investment funds. During the course of 1998 Commercial Union Vita became the leading supplier of Unit Linked policies to the Italian market.

Commercial Union Vita Website

Euresalife Luxembourg Set up in 1993 by 4 large European insurance companies, by 1998 the company was already one of the top-ten life insurance companies in Luxembourg. Since then the company has recorded exceptional growth assisted by the basic values which are the cornerstone of their activity: supplying customers with a first-class service, and above all the independence that allows Euresalife to achieve a financial objective unique to the market. This is reflected in the use of open-end investment companies and the financial management lines of the main international companies from which Euresa maintains an equidistant position. This independence is underlined by the shareholders which exclude banks and financial institutions. No country or shareholder has a majority holding.

Euresalife Luxembourg Website

Investlife - Luxembourg Investlife is a life insurance company from Luxembourg belonging to the PARIBAS Group. It was set up in 1994 and is already one of the top-three insurance companies in Luxembourg. The company operates in the area of EEC regulations for the free supply of services and offers products to the European market that are tailor-made for specific national situations. Investlife is able to call upon significant banking and insurance experience to offer customers integrated formulas such as "Diversified Financial Management" and "Customised Investment Packages". The range of open-end investment companies chosen includes those that belong to the group itself and those that belong to other large international groups.

Investlife Luxemburg Website

Helvetia Life Helvetia Life, previously known as Norwich Union Vita, was acquired in July 2001 and integrated into the Helvetia group, present in Italy since 1948 with the General Representation / damages branch and from 1987 as Helvetia Vita S.p.A. The Helvetia group in Italy offers an immense range of insurance cover, from car to social security, available as a total management tool for the insurance necessities of the single customer. The mission of Helvetia is one to distinguish itself in the upper-middle Italian insurance market for its products dedicated to the person and in the area of small and medium business, with strongly oriented proposals, innovative services and total customer satisfaction.

Helvetia Life Website

SOGELIFE Sogelife is the Luxemburg Life Insurance agency of Group Société Générale (France's third largest banking group, present in 75 countries) created in order to take advantage of the possibilities of the internal insurance field offered by European Economic Community. Created in 1997 and authorized to operate in the greater part of European countries, in the regimen of free market trade, Sogelife offers to its customers a dynamic and rigorous management of patrimony linked to the capacity and experience of the financial institutions on which it depends. Sogelife is an agency of Sogécap, leader in the market of Unit Linked in France, and Société Générale Bank & Trust, point of reference of the group for the activities of "Private Banking International ".

Sogelife Website

On 12 January 1855, in Stockholm, King Oscar I issued a licence to set up Skandia, Sweden's first insurance company. When the Stockholm Stock Exchange opened on 4 February 1863, Skandia was the leading quoted company. Today it is the only remaining company from that time and its shares are not only quoted in Stockholm but also Copenhagen, London and Frankfurt. In 1900 it became the first non-British company to enter the American market and in 1906 paid for the damage caused by the San Francisco earthquake in full. For a number of years it has been amongst the leading twenty insurance/financial companies in Europe. The company also operates through its own offices in the markets of Latin America, Asia and the United States. After 140 years of activity, today Skandia has more than 40,000 shareholders, of which 50% are international investors, and approximately 10,000 employees. Since 1863 Skandia has always distributed dividends.

Skandia Website

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