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Our Objectives
 "Always one step ahead in a changing world"
Working for Smile Group means being part of an organisation which analyses internationalisation with the support of partners who have the ability to respond to the challenges of the market and European integration.
Enthusiasm: A starting-point
Enthusiasm, innovation and creativity are the Smile Group guidelines followed by all our agents. Research and analysis of what is supplied to the international market, in unison with assessment of the best cost/benefit ratio is our guarantee. This together with our working methods represent the strongpoints of our organisation.
Experience: A step up the ladder
Despite being orientated to supply services and assistance to expert operators, Smile Group also gives young people the chance to enter the sector and build a future for themselves.
Professionalism: A way of life
Seminars and study courses are an ever-present feature in all the centres where we operate. Italian and international experts participate at our conferences which often see the involvement of investment managers.

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